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Does your baby cry constantly? Is it difficult to get your baby or child to sleep? Are you experiencing problems feeding your baby? Would you just like some useful advice on baby care issues? Look no further, these books can help!

  Newborn Baby:

Babycare: A Manual for New Parents
Babycare: A Manual for New Parents

by Alison Mackonochie
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

by La Leche League International

Baby 411Baby 411
by Denise Fields, Ari Brown

Over 4 million babies will be born this year, many to first-time parents who donít know colic from cradle cap. This detailed, down-to-earth reference gives new moms and dads all the information they need to make their childís first year healthy and happy.

Your Amazing NewbornYour Amazing Newborn (A Merloyd Lawrence Book)
by Marshall H., MD Klaus, Phyllis H. Klaus

Only 30 minutes old, and a baby stares at her mother's face, then begins maneuvering downward toward mom's nipple. A few days old, and she can track a ball, and "dialogue" with her limbs. Newborns are extraordinary beings, with innate abilities far beyond what is commonly believed. In Your Amazing Newborn, authors Marshall and Phyllis Klaus, renowned experts and authors in the field of newborns (Bonding and Mothering the Mother), combine information gained from decades of research with clear explanations geared toward new parents.

You and Your Newborn Baby You and Your Newborn Baby
by Linda Todd

Warm, encouraging advice for baby's first months and for mother's recovery. Making sure your baby is well nourished; Keys to feeding, by breast or bottle; When to call the babys doctor; Bathing and diapering; Soothing a fussy baby; Helping siblings adjust; Your bodys healing process; Getting the rest you need; Coping with postpartum blues; and much more. A gentle, helpful book that will enable parents to respond to their new babys needs.

Your NewbornYour Newborn: Head to Toe: Everything You Want to Know About Your Baby's Health through The First Year
by Cara Familian Natterson

This one-of-a-kind primer explains to new parents, in a clear and comforting tone, precisely what is happening inside their new baby's body, the reasons behind various standard post-delivery hospital procedures, and, once baby is at home, what parents can and should do before they call the doctor. In the age of managed care, many pediatricians are unable to find the time to impart even basic medical information--the very information that might reassure parents and help them understand the difference between danger signs and normal development. At the same time, many parents are unable to distill the information they get from the pediatrician, because, even when baby is perfectly healthy, visits to the doctor's office tend to be chaotic and parents may not have their wits about them, may fail to ask the very questions that are on their mind, or may feel reluctant to waste a doctor's time. For any new parent who has left a delivery room or a pediatrician's office with unanswered (and perhaps even unasked) questions, YOUR NEWBORN: HEAD TO TOE will be an essential resource.

Sweet BabySweet Baby : How To Soothe Your Newborn (Hardcover)
by Marc Weissbluth

This book explains why babies become fussy. It teaches parents how to soothe their babies to reduce fussiness so that fussy babies do not become crying babies. Parents learn how to help their baby sleep better; thus, creating a firm foundation for life long healthy sleep habits.

Pain, Distress and the Newborn BabyPain, Distress and the Newborn Baby (Paperback)
by Margaret Sparshott

Text on care provision for sick or preterm neonates, for neonatal nurses, midwives, and nursing students. Discusses the effects of environmental stimuli, consoling infants who are distressed or in pain, and helping parents who are coping with stress or preparing to go home.

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