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When feeding babies, parents need to think outside the box-or the jar. Infants develop more rapidly in the first two years than they will in any other period of their lives. Over processed foods containing chemicals, preservatives, pesticide residue, and genetically engineered ingredients cannot nourish a growing baby. Infants need fresh, natural foods just like the rest of us.

  Baby Food:

Super Baby Food
Super Baby Food

by Ruth Yaron
Healthy Baby Meal Planner
Healthy Baby Meal Planner

by Annabel Karmel
baby food allergy
The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies

by Marianne S. Barber

Simply Natural Baby FoodSimply Natural Baby Food
by Cathe Olson

Eating well can be easy, fun, and inexpensive. "Simply Natural Baby Food" gives you practical recipes to prepare whole foods that wonít tie you to the kitchen. Best of all, your children will learn good eating habits that will last a lifetime. There is a chapter for each stage of a babyís eating development from first solid foods to fun recipes for toddlers. Tips are interspersed throughout the book to give the reader advice on cutting preparation time, helping baby to gain feeding independence, and getting maximum nutrition into babyís meals.

Whole Foods for Babies and ToddlersWhole Foods for Babies and Toddlers
by Margaret Kenda

This introduction into the world of whole foods will help parents introduce their baby to solids and give them the knowledge to encourage healthy eating for all ages. Contains updated information on the inferiority of processed and prepackaged baby good and the superiority of whole foods. This book will prepare to give a strong start toward a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Recipes are also included.

The Well Fed BabyThe Well Fed Baby
by O. R. Sweet, Thomas Bloom (Illustrator), O. Robin Sweet

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you should know about feeding your baby and toddler from beginning solid foods through age three years. How and when to start your baby on solid foods, with detailed information on the best and safest high chair, spoons, bibs, and other feeding equipment.

New Vegetarian BabyNew Vegetarian Baby
by Sharon K. Yntema, Christine H. Beard

This comprehensive books guides parents who are raising vegetarian children. Especially helpful is the advice for vegans who must be especially conscientious in making sure their children can all the necessary nutrients and calories. This was an invaluable source when writing my cookbook, Simply Natural Baby Food, as I wanted to concentrate on vegetarian and vegan recipes.

First FoodFirst Food
by Sara Lewis

The recipes are arranged according to the child's developmental stage. For example, the meals for Stage 1 (birth to 4 months)include diverse recipes for fruit, vegetable and meat purees. Stage 4 recipes (children 9-12 months)include a cheese broccoli dish, eggy bread fingers, and cheese straws. The recipes are clearly described, tasty, and include beautiful and descriptive photos.

Better Baby FoodBetter Baby Food
by Daina Kalnins, Joanne Saab, Hospital for Sick Children

Everyone wants their children to have the best possible diet, particularly in those all-important first years of life. But parents (especially new parents) aren't nutritional experts. So how do they know if their babies and toddlers are getting all the nourishment they need? Now, with "Better Baby Food," there's a complete, authoritative guide that takes the guesswork out feeding young children -- from birth to 24 months and beyond.

The Everything Baby's First Food BookThe Everything Baby's First Food Book
by Janet Mason Tarlov

Everyone knows that good nutrition begins at home. But did you know it begins at birth? To raise a healthy child, parents must create an environment emphasizing a nutritious diet - for themselves as well as their newborn. With easy-to-follow instructions, The Everything Baby's First Food Book demonstrates how to establish healthy eating patterns that will last a lifetime.

Feeding the Whole FamilyFeeding the Whole Family
by Cynthia Lair

Are you concerned about the freshness of commercial baby food? Are you frustrated with making separate meals for your picky eater? Would you like move toward a plant-based, whole foods diet? Families all over the country have found satisfying, delicious answers to these questions and more in Cynthia Lair's Feeding the Whole Family.

Indian Name for Your BabyFeeding Baby: Simple, Healthy Recipes for Babies and Their Families
by Joachim Splichal, Christine Splichal, Pamela Mosher, Victoria Pearson

In FEEDING BABY, the Splichals feature 90 recipes, nutritional advice, and parenting anecdotes straight from their home kitchen. Donít let the fact that they run gourmet restaurants intimidate you, because the Splichals focus on simple, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meals that both children and adults will love, including Salmon with Couscous and Roasted Green Onion, Brown Rice with Hazelnuts and Apples, and Pear Honey Compote with Vanilla Bean. Organized by meals appropriate for the first three years of your childís life, FEEDING BABY will make mealtimes a snap, leaving more time for you to enjoy your family.

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