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  When a Child is born:

A Child Is BornA Child Is Born (Beloved Classic)
by Lennart Nilsson

In this latest edition of a classic originally published almost 40 years ago, photographer Nilsson and obstetrician Hamberger explore the miracle of birth, from attraction between a man and a woman to fertilization, pregnancy, labor and delivery; they also discuss infertility and developments in IVF and other treatments. Over 350 new photographs have been added to the fourth edition, including in utero pictures captured with endoscopy and three-dimensional ultrasound technology. With Hamberger's updated text on guidance for new parents, progress in fertility treatments, genetics and pregnancy health, the volume should continue to be a vivid reference for the whole family.

The Expectant FatherThe Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-To-Be
by Armin A. Brott, Armin A. Brott

This is a book that gives the dad information he can use and it also helps show him that feelings he is having are ok and that it is ok for dad to have weird feelings during the pregnancy too. Just cause you aren't the one pregnant doesn't mean you can't be having a roller coaster of emotions too. A very good book for the father to be, even if it isn't your first baby this is a nice refresher if your other one is a toddler or more by now.

The Nursing MotherThe Nursing Mother's Companion, Fifth Revised Edition
by Kathleen Huggins

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it is not always instinctive. The 20th Anniversary Edition of this classic guide to breastfeeding, beloved by a generation of women, has been completely revised and updated to provide even more practical, reassuring advice and support for today's expectant and nursing mothers. Easy-reference survival guides help identify and resolve problems at each stage. An appendix on drug safety is a unique feature among breastfeeding books.

Parents in LoveParents in Love: Reclaiming Intimacy After Your Child Is Born
by Linda Salazar, Linda B. Salazar

Parents In Love is a godsend for new parents. There are few events in married life quite so distressing, yet I know of no book that offers the solutions this one does. It should be in every couple's library! Parents In Love deals realistically with common problems and offers excellent guidance as well as an empathic spirit. This book is beneficial for all parents whether they are having their first child or their fourth.

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